Intermezzo: Missing the bus

One cloudy Monday morning, Roxanne was getting ready to go to town for an appointment. She lives in the outskirts of a big city where public transport is limited. She had been working on her laptop for the last few hours, proof-reading and editing some stories that Domin sent her. She was just working on […]

Chapter 4: First rough sex

Being rough during sex sounds easy, but to do it for real is a different story. If you are like Domin and you have never hit a person in your life (yes, this is possible even after 48 years on this planet), it is difficult to suddenly become brutal. No matter how much your partner […]

Chapter 3: Having her period

Somewhere between our meeting at the Brussels train station and the arrival at the hotel room, Roxanne got her period. She had warned Domin that this might happen a few weeks before, so he had plenty of time to think about it. When he was a teenager, one of Domin’s first sexual experiences was to […]

Chapter 2: First exploring

As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we didn’t waste any time. Roxanne told Domin on several occasions that she wanted him to be both gentle and rough this weekend, and that she wanted him to rape her. That last part was totally new to Domin, but it also excited him a lot. He […]

Chapter 1: We meet again

We first met seven years ago over a short weekend.It was at a film festival, since both Roxanne and Domin share a passion for theatre and film.At the time, Domin tried to get Roxanne’s attention but it didn’t work out.He was not her type, she thought.She was only 24 at the time and her relationship […]